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Here is an article about the HanuMan movie based on the information you provided:

HanuMan: An Epic Superhero Film in the Making An exciting and ambitious Telugu superhero movie is gearing up for release in January 2024 - HanuMan. This movie marks the first film in director Prasanth Varma's planned cinematic universe of mythological tales.

HanuMan features Telugu actor Teja Sajja in the lead role along with a talented ensemble cast including Amritha Aiyer, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, Raj Deepak Shetty and Vinay Rai. The story is set in the fictional village of Anjanadri where the protagonist gains special powers reminiscent of the Hindu god Hanuman.

Reports suggest HanuMan will portray an action-packed narrative with epic visuals, as the main lead fights for justice and protects the people of Anjanadri. Given director Varma's flair for blending fantasy, mythology and visual effects, audiences can expect a highly stylized and larger-than-life superhero saga. 

Primeshow Entertainment and producer Niranjan Reddy Kandagatla have backed this ambitious project. The scale and budget of the film is said to be massive. HanuMan will mark Amritha Aiyer's debut in Telugu movies, while also featuring experienced stars like Varalaxmi Sarathkumar.

Prasanth Varma plans to create an interconnected universe of films starting with HanuMan, followed by the fantasy epic Adhira. If HanuMan succeeds, fans could expect sequels and spin-offs around the central character as well as cameos by him in future movies by the director.

Telugu viewers eagerly await the Sankranthi 2024 release of HanuMan on January 12th, which promises to kick off a new generation of original and mass-appealing superhero franchises from South India to rival big-budget Hollywood flicks. With itsReportmy release just a year away, the build-up and expectations around HanuMan are sky-high already.

Hanu Man movie story :

Unfortunately, full details of the story for the upcoming HanuMan movie have not been revealed yet publicly. However, based on the information available so far, here is what I can provide about the expected story:

The film is set in an imaginary mythical place called Anjanadri. This is said to be the birthplace of Hindu god Hanuman. 

The lead protagonist, played by actor Teja Sajja, is expected to be shown as a normal young man living in Anjanadri. At some point, he gains special powers and abilities resembling those of Hanuman from mythology.

This empowers him to become a savior and superhero of sorts for the land of Anjanadri. He would use his newfound strengths to fight oppressors, save the people, and stand up for justice.

There is likely going to be an underlying battle between good and evil forces. And the protagonist would discover his higher purpose and rise up as an icon of courage and devotion for the people of Anjanadri. 

The film's director Prasanth Varma is known for his visionary filmmaking blending mythology and fantasy. So he is expected to present a visually stunning cinematic world in bringing this fictional tale to life.

More specific details around the actual plot points, other characters, and the protagonist's journey have been kept under wraps by the creators. Hopefully more sneak peeks into the storyline get revealed as we inch closer to the 2024 release date. But this covers the broad thematic expectations around HanuMan's story as suggested so far.

Here are the key details about the HanuMan movie:

Release Year: 2024

Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy 

Plot: The movie is set in an imaginary place called Anjanadri where the protagonist gets the powers of Hindu god Hanuman and fights for Anjanadri.

Director: Prasanth Varma

Writer: Prasanth Varma 


- Teja Sajja

- Amritha Aiyer 

- Varalaxmi Sarathkumar

In summary, HanuMan is an upcoming 2024 Indian fantasy action movie directed by Prasanth Varma. It stars Teja Sajja as the protagonist who gains Hanuman's powers and uses them to protect the land of Anjanadri, along with co-stars Amritha Aiyer and Varalaxmi Sarathkumar. The story and screenplay is written by director Varma himself.

I cannot recommend or assist with illegal downloading or piracy of copyrighted movies. 

However, here is some general information on how you may be able to legally watch HanuMan when it releases:

1. Theatrical Release:

HanuMan is scheduled to release in theaters in 2024. You can watch it in movie halls and multiplexes near you when it hits the big screens.

2. TV/Streaming Platforms: 

After a few weeks of theatrical run, movies are usually made available on streaming services or TV channels. Platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Zee5, SunNxt etc may acquire rights to stream HanuMan online.

3. Official Online Rentals/Purchase:

Many movies allow you to rent or buy them legally on YouTube, Google Play, iTunes etc. HanuMan may be made available through such official digital platforms. 

4. DVD/Blu-Ray: 

Physical discs are also traditionally launched some weeks after the cinema release. You may be able to buy HanuMan DVDs to watch at home.

I suggest waiting patiently for the film to launch via one of these official distribution routes in 2024 rather than looking at illegal means. Supporting genuine content helps encourage more such creativity. Let me know if you need any other clarification!

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